Capital Brokers Australia is part of Southern Cross Business Finance and an associate member of the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (CAFBA)

David Hanney, the principal of Capital Brokers Australia is one of Australia’s leading business finance specialists. David has worked in the finance industry for over 35 years with such companies as AGC, ASL Finance, Westpac and ANZ Bank where he gained considerable knowledge and experience in the broader business finance sector. In 1984 David established his commercial finance broking business and is highly regarded as one of Victoria’s most respected and professional commercial finance consultant and broker.

David also spent five years as general manager of a furniture manufacturing business that gave him the technical knowledge required of a professional finance broker and the practical knowledge gained from working in the ‘real world’.

Contact David Hanney on mobile 0411 830 301 at any time or email him via the Contact Form.